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Major Jeff Woods
Unit 83 Director

The Aryan View of Life

The Aryan Nation individual is a fighter for a Faith-law order expressed through the concerted will of kindred spirits, dedicated to the freeing of the "body" of his nation from the bonds of slavery, forged by lying invention and contrary to the inherited, inborn Natural Law Order for this "body".

He views his part and his movement as a means to an end: the reinstitution of a State for his Racial Nation.   He does not view the envisioned State as an end in itself, but the State as a means to a higher end, the fulfillment of the purpose of the Law Order by his Divine Father and only God.

He comprehends that his salvation, individually and nationally, lies in the return of his people to the covenant of their Father with all their hearts and souls.

He knows that this covenant was made to a select and elect people and that, only by their separation from all alien people, their idols, gods, and practices and assembled as a body of physically and mentally equal living beings, can they "seek the kingdom" and return from the slavery of their iniquities.

He places the love for his kindred brotherhood above self-interest and the fulfillment of his mission to hold high the light of Christ to guide the steps of his brethren who stumble in darkness as the highest service he can render unto his nation.

He fears not the threat of anti-Christ Jewry nor the sword of those who serve the darkness of the lies of Jewry, but is a warrior firm in conviction of truth with the sword of his Father who cannot lie.   He knows the day of His Victory.

He, above all, knows it is by Aryan union, by the common bond of blood and will, by the courage born of the conviction of his right, by the essence of spirit, from above that he will fight - fight against the so-called impossible odds, knowing that with God all things are possible.

Therefore, we as kindred warriors, strengthening one another in the true love of our Father's Truth, do fight the good fight to lift His Standard, to make the paths straight, to give knowledge to the ignorant, to expose the lie of darkness, to the light of truth, to slash free the chains of Jewish degradation that hold our brethren in debt to the usury of immorality, depravity, and death.

 Hail Victory  !





That for which we fight is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our Race, by and of our Nations, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the people of our Race, so that we, a kindred people, may mature for fulfillment of the mission allotted to us by the Creator of the universe, our Father and God.

Hail His Victory !

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